• Our design is simple , elegant based on material design.
  • You are obligated to provide all your business information.
  • Your website will be delivered as provided on quotation from receiving the full website content.
  • After delivering your website , we can edit your content only once with no extra charges.


  • Our hosting prevents sites that contains any of ( Hacking Content , Porn Content , Racism , insulting religions ).
  • Uploading any shells or harmful adware is prevented at all time & may cause final suspension to your hosting account.
  • Our hosting cannot be an uploading center , you can rent a VPS/Dediated-Server for that purpose.
  • Your files are secured and our support will not view your files unless a report was filed.
  • Our support is not obligated with any problems including internet service provider or PC problems.


  • A deposit of 50% is to paid upon¬† the content received , 50% is upon delivery of the entire website.
  • The payment must be in the currency we offered in the quotation.
  • If there was a delay on our side ( Delivery of service in the deadline we agreed on ) , you will get 10% OFF the reminder of the whole payment.
  • If the delay occurred from your side , A full payment will be paid before continuing the website.
  • The Quotation is valid for only 2 weeks.


  • Every request/Question will be replied within 12 hours of sending the E-Mail.
  • You can contact us directly on [email protected].